Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WAR XXX - Are you ready for some football?

Two things to celebrate this week. One, the WAR turns the big 3-0. Unfortunately, I can say I know how that feels. Even more unfortunately, I've still got a few on the WAR.

Next and more importantly, it is finally Football Season. Seriously, are the summers getting longer and with fewer sports worth watching? Football Season, I've missed you.

Big year for the boys in Burnt Orange. We have a lot to prove. #2 Ranking out of the gate. We're #1 - we'll prove it. Another #2 ranking for Colt as a Heisman contender. The only thing second place about Colt is the #2 he is going to take on Tim Tebow's face. 2 is also Tim's IQ - just ask Jesus.

So, the 2nd Annual WAR Football Kick Off is ON. Wear your Burnt Orange and welcome in the season.

Meet - Wed 8/26 - 6:15p at Posse East for some beer and burgers college style. Ride departs at 7:15pm - sharp! We will welcome in the season with a loop around DKR Memorial Stadium.

Then we will move over to Creekside owner Kasey's new venture - the Iron Gate. Kasey has promised a drink special for all WAR riders. Be careful of his 'specials'. I once did a shot of Crawfish Boil and Vodka with him. Just like last year, we are going to relive the 4th Quarter of the 2005 National Championship. Then we will mosey over to the legendary Scholz Beer Garten and finish up at The Crown & Anchor.

Bring a light, lock and a friend. Wear orange and get your Horns up. It's time to Hook 'Em.

The WAR is Famous

Well, I am not entirely sure quite how, but the WAR is now receiving national attention. I mean, if you want to count 'New York' as national. Personally, anything north of the Red River counts as another country in my book.

However, we did get written up in New York Magazine.

Seriously - New York Magazine.

I wasn't expecting press and certainly not from an actual respected publication. I mean maybe Beer Guzzlers Quarterly, Guns & Ammo or Juggs - but New York Magazine?

So here is the official invitation. If any of you New York yanks want to come ride and drink beer with us, we'd love to have you.

Hell, just to show our Texas hospitality - first one is on me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WAR XXIX - Two Words

Okay, WAR 29. That is a lot of planning. While this might not be my most creative idea to date, it is an idea.

Most of our recent rides have been in or around downtown, so we are going to move up to Central Austin this ride. And, the theme of the ride is....drumroll....two words. Yep, everywhere we are going is named with no more, or fewer than two words. Now before you start with me, smart ass, 'the' is not a word, it's an article. Saying 'the' is a word is like saying Texas A&M is an accredited university. While it might exist in a similar plane, it ain't the real thing.

So, let's meet at Santa Rita (see? two words) for some Mexican grub at 6pm. 1206 W 38th St.

We ride at 7pm sharp!

We will hit Spider House, Flying Saucer and Draught House.

Bring lights, a lock and a friend. Don't forget to wear your brain bucket.

...oh, if you don't like the idea, let me know. I have two very special words for you....