Monday, September 21, 2009


WAR32 - Wed, 9/23 - 6:30pm

Okay, so just like you I spent a ridiculous amount of money for a wristband that gives me the privilege of standing in the hot Texas sun for three days, in a park I ride by daily with a shitload of people that I don't know. If that were not enough, I get to stand in line and pay double the amount for food I eat everyday. And just for an added kick in the junk - Lone Star is waaay more than $2 a can.

Oh, alright... There are a few bands I want to see. I'll even admit that I am pretty goddamn excited to see the B-52s. I'm know I'm showing my age, but I want me a taste of that sweet Rock Lobster.

But all this did get me thinking. That sure is a lot of jack to go see a few bands. Don't we live in 'The Live Music Capital of the World'? Isn't the REAL ACL every fucking night in Austin? Yeah. It is. I'll prove it - join me on a bike ride and we will drink cheap Lone Stars and see some damn fine music. For free. No wristband required.

We are going to mix it up a bit on this ride and meet for a cocktail at Little Woodrow's on Guadalupe (note on Guadalupe) at 6:30. No Dinner. Ride leaves at 7:00. Then we will mosey down and catch The Belleville Outfit at Scholtz's Beer Garten. Should be time to eat a little BBQ here if you are hungry. Then we will cruise on over to the Mean Eyed Cat to see Opie Hendrix. We will end up at the Hole in the Wall to catch whoever is playing there.

Bring a light, a lock and leave that goddamn wristband at home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It is about time we saluted the Blue Collar worker. Yeah, you work in an office, but you know, you wish you had your name on your shirt. Your khaki pants suck. Your shirt has buttons....all the way down. With sleeves. Sleeves. Pathetic.

Seriously. That College Degree? That Graduate Degree? Can you actually DO anything? Can you plumb? Can you wire a socket without electrocuting yourself? have no real skills. So let's pay tribute to those who have actual marketable skills - the blue collar workers.

PBR should not be the cool 'retro' beer. Hell No! It's the beer of hard working Americans. It ain't drunk in a tight-pants-wearing-Hipster-Bar. It always has been and always will be the beer of hard working blue collar Blue-Blood US Americans. You have no skills. Let's salute those who do.

Meet for the true American Meal - the Hot Dog. Franks (4th and Colorado) at 630. Ride leaves at 730. We will hit Deep Eddy's Cabaret, Doc's Motor Works and the Luster Pearle. Show up with a name on your shirt.