Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WAR 58 - Pixies!

This Wednesday’s WAR Adventure will be sponsored by Pixies. No, not little people and fairy dust – I’m talking THE Pixies. (Although, Tinkerbell is HOT) You know, the Boston band led by Black Francis. I know a few WAR riders are planning on hitting the show – WAR staff will make every attempt to deliver you to Austin Music Hall on time and with a pleasant beer-buzz.

Meet – Wahoo’s Fish Tacos – 6th and Rio Grande

Ride leaves at 7pm. Pixies, Frank Black and the Catholics and The Breeders will be in tow.

List of locations is secret. But, I can promise we will Head On a Wave of Mutilation like a Surfer, Rosa. Look out – Here Comes Your Man like a Gigantic Monkey Gone to Heaven. Hey Allison, let’s kick this Planet of Sound and turn up De Base(er).

God, I’m good.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WAR 57 - Charlton in Charge!

So this week I am out of town, and the WAR's favorite son, Charlton is leading the ride. So, Charlton is in charge.

Charlton had this great idea of a "Watergate Ride" in honor of the Anniversary of Nixon's pardon.

You know, crossing the gates of Austin across our water to watering holes. I love it. Creative, historical - awesome.

However, I can't let the opportunity pass to put Charlton in Charge. And, point out that he actually does resemble Scott Baio circa 1987.

So, there you have it. Charlton is in Charge.

Of our days.
And our nights.

Meet: Mangia Pizza (Lake Austin Location)

Charlton is in Charge of our wrongs and our rights.

Meet at 6pm. Right leaves at 7pm SHARP!

And I sing, I want Charlton in Charge of me!

We will hit: Lustre Pearl, Deep Eddy and Uncle Billy's.

And I sing, I want Charlton in Charge of me!

Bring: Bike, beer money, a lock, and remember, Joanie loves Chachi.

(I have to admit, I plugged in the Charles in Charge lyrics from memory. I don't know whether to be proud or horribly embarrassed.)