Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WAR 60 - Spooky!

Well, the WAR is turning 60. Damn. Just like Crowder with a hangover, the WAR is beginning to look like the Crypt Keeper.

In honor of the upcoming pagan holiday, the WAR ride again this Wednesday. You can even ride headless if you want.

Meet: Wahoo's Fish Tacos - 6th and Rio Grande. 6pm if you want dinner.

As always, ride leaves at 7pm SHARP!

We will visit: Doc's Motor Works, The Scoot Inn and Dirty Bills.

Bring your lights, our available sunlight is dwindling.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WAR 59 - Oktoberfest

<----- I like your beers.

Ah, fall. Football is in season, the heat has broken, and the leaves begin to lose the green luster of summer. Fall, the air becomes just crisp, and the critters race to store up goods for their long winter slumber. Ah, Fall...what a lovely time of year in Central Texas. We can continue to wax poetically, or take a note from the Germans, who turn the whole goddamn season into a beer festival!

It's Oktoberfest, Kiddos. Lace up your liderhosen, hide your Schnitzel and come out for a bike ride.

Before any of you get snappy, yes Oktoberfest is technically over. It's the 16 days leading up to the first Sunday in October. But as US Americans, we have a hard time reconciling that with with the actual inclusion of the word 'October'. Plus, you can say it's over....but was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell No!

Roll out the barrel, expect to Polka. The Scorpions WILL sing the Winds of Change. My epic German Music collection has been in hiding for two long years....lagering so to speak. It will make it's Epic return. Prost!

The ride - Wednesday - 10/6

Meet: Flying Saucer - 815 W 47th St (The Triangle)
Time: Brats at the 6:15p Depart 7:00p

Destinations: Flying Saucer, Scholtz Beer Garten, Draught House

Bring: Bike lights, friends

Attire: German casual. Liderhosen if you got 'em.