Tuesday, March 22, 2011

War LXXI - BikeXSW

Whew. That was close. I swear the Hipsters almost won this time. Almost. The Williamsburg invasion threatened to take over our fair city. But in the end, they took their Toms shoes and went home quietly.

...and I did see some epic Hipsters. I saw a guy in old school Adidas sneakers, throwback sunglasses and full fucking leiderhosen. That, my friends, is a fashion statement. I think the statement is "I sure hope my trust fund doesn't run out"...but still...it's a statement.

I saw a guy in purple skinny jeans, Toms ballet style shoes, throwback sunglasses, plaid shirt....and just to paint a caricature of himself, he was carrying a giant sack of granola from Whole Foods. Seriously. PBR in one hand, sack of granola in the other.

So, this week, we are going to rock SXSW on our bikes. Meaning we will hit South Austin AND Southwest Austin.

Meet:Wed, 3/23, 6pm Wahoos Tacos SOUTH. Note - Wahoo's on 1722 SOUTH Congress.

We leave at 7pm (Sharp!) and head Southwest. Abel's, Doc's and the Crown will be visited. Yes, we will head North as well, but if we only head Southwest the circle we ride will become MUCH longer.

Bring lights locks and a friend. Oh...and bring your own sack of granola.

Monday, March 7, 2011

WAR XLXX - Austin Brews!

Fun Fact: By the end of the year, Austin has the potential to have over a dozen independent breweries on line. See if I can name twelve off the top of my head: Real Ale, Independence, Thirsty Planet, Circle, Jester King, Live Oak, Twisted X, Hop & Grain, 512, South Austin Brewing...okay, I hit ten.

We are on pace to be a serious challenger to Portland as a true "Beer City". If Austin is ever dubbed the "Live Music and Beer Capital of the World", we may have to officially change the town's name to "Heaven".

The WAR turns another round number this week - 70. Wow. 70 WAR rides. We're almost as old as Willie.

So, let's celebrate Austin beer by touring local on-site brew-pubs. I've devised a route that includes all of them...well except for the excellent NXNW, which would require a daring highway cross.

We will hit: Uncle Billy's, Lovejoy's, Black Star and the Draught Horse. Note: you will be required to drink only beer from the local brew house. Must be made on site.

As a bonus: rumor has in Uncle Billy's hosts brewery tours on Wednesday. The tours start at 6pm, so show up early.

3/9 - Wednesday - Meet at Uncle Billy's on Barton Springs. As always, ride departs at 7pm sharp. REALLY - we leave at 7 this time. Bring lights, locks and friends. Special note: this ride's start/stop location will not be in close proximity. All you drivers may want to consider a halfway parking location: THE MAP