Monday, November 17, 2008

WAR XII - Ice House

WAR XII - This week the WAR Ride will officially welcome in the fall chill by honoring the blue collar bar - the ice house.  (Get it?  Fall house?  I'm a f'ing genius)

The Ice House is typically a low-key, largely outdoor bar frequented by guys with names on their shirts.  Horseshoes might be thrown, ice cold beer will certainly be consumed, and the 'pub grub' ususally ranges from hot dogs to...well, hot dogs.  Sounds like a nice place for a bike ride.  

We will meet for an optional dinner at Wahoo's (6th and Rio Grande) at 6:30.  The ride will officially depart at 7:15.  We will visit The Scoot Inn, The Jackalope and Dirty Bill's.  I know, technically these aren't all true Ice Houses, but until Kasey gets off his ass and builds me one, it is the best I can do.  There is also a short film festival playing at nearby Republic Square, we might ride by and check out a movie or two.

The Details:
Wed 11/19
Optional dinner: Wahoo's, 6:30p
Wheels Down: 7:15p
Return: 10p

Make sure to bring bike lights.  Wear a shirt with your name on it.  Bring a light jacket.

See you there.  Bring a friend.

WAR - XI - Politics

It is time to meet up for W.A.R. XI - The Political Ride.

Can we drink beer and ride bikes, yes we can!

Meet up this week to discuss politics, the presidency and the general state of the union.  Regardless of your political leanings, everyone can agree that beer tastes good.  So, in the spirit of democracy, this weeks ride visits some of Austin's finer 'political bars'.  

The ride starts 11/5,  7pm at Scholtz's Beer Garden and finishes by the Capitol at the Cloak Room.

See you there!

Thanks to Juanpablo and Teresa for leading this ride.

Update: A new discovery was made on the ride, check it out: