Monday, April 19, 2010

WAR XLVI - Spring Music

There is actually some awesome music this Wednesday. For free. I ain't talkin' 'bout my magic bike trailer.

Let's start out with on of my favorite Austin bands - Skyrocket. Smooth a.m. hits of the 70s sung by a few of Austin's best musicians, including Trish Murphy, who I may or may not have a huge crush on. (Because Henna Chevrolet will stand by you).

Skyrocket goes on at 730 at Scholtz. Let's meet there for beer/food about 630ish. We will stay for the first set and then head over to see WAR favorite Damon Bramblett at the Mean Eyed Cat.

Spring temperatures, cold beer, 70/80s cover band, a honky-tonk hero - why WOULDN'T you come out and join the WAR?

Bring a light, a lock and your SPD compatible dancin' shoes.

Wed, 4/21 - Meet Scholtz 630p

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WAR XLV - Check out my giant deck

Well, spring has sprung. The cold damp of winter has finally passed, and most importantly we have reached daylight savings time. Spring - it's here. Ah, spring, in Austin. The flowers are blooming, there is some sort of festival every weekend and a young boys thoughts turn to his deck.

Yep, if the weather is good, you need a nice chunk of wood to sit on in the out of doors while you drink your frosties.

So, this week's ride will focus on a few of Austin's finer wooden decks.

MEET: 4/7 - 6pm Crown & Anchor for burgers
Ride leaves at 7pm SHARP!
We will hit: Able's, Little Woody's (campus)

Bring a light, lock, a friend and some tweezers for splinter pickin'

Rumor has it the fearless leader may return from exile! THE MAP

WAR - XLIV - Where?

This ride was hosted by Eric Crowder. All I know is I didn't show up, but some of my homebrew went missing. At least the thieves got rained on.