Monday, October 20, 2008

WAR X - Biketoberfest

Damn.  Them are some big beers.

It's that time of year, kids.  Lace up your liderhosen, hide your Schnitzel and come out for a bike ride.  

This week we will celebrate the great German tradition of drinking copious amounts of beer.   Why?  Because beer is good, dammit.  

Last year's Oktoberfest in the motherland saw 14,793,000 pints consumed.  Some might say that is alot of beer.  I might say we have beat those dirty Germans once, and by god let's do it again.

The ride - Wednesday - 10/22

Meet: Flying Saucer - 815 W 47th St  (The Triangle)
Time:  Depart 7:30 (feed yourself or eat with the family at the Flying Saucer before the ride)  Be preped to pedal at 7:30 SHARP!
Return: Same spot, 10pm

Bring: Bike lights, friends

Attire: German casual.  Liderhosen if you got 'em.  Women are encouraged to look like the above picture.

In the words of Gretl von Trap: 'the sun has gone to bed and so must I....goodnight...goodnight....goodnight!'


Anonymous said...

Didn't we beat the Germans twice?

Austin Wednesday Assault Ride said...

Yes, but I didn't count when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

Anonymous said...

Let him go. He's on a roll.