Monday, April 20, 2009

WAR XXI - Happy 21st Bithday!

Well, mathematically, it was bound to happen.  The Wednesday urban Assault Ride is officially old enough to drink.  I don't know if you remember your 21st Birthday, but I do remember a portion of mine.

Let's see, being 21, of course we went to 6th street and visited a bunch of bars which don't exist anymore.  If you remember The Black Cat, Joe's Generic Bar, Steamboat, Tropical Isle or the Daiquiri Factory you might have been there.  You know, all of those bars are gone now.  In fact, hell, I think all of the bars on 6th have changed.  I don't even know where the kids puke anymore.  Anyway, my night culminated by being thrown out of one of those fine establishments when a friend of mine attempted to head butt a towel dispenser.  (He lost and has still has the scar to prove it.)

So, this week, let's attempt to recreate our 21st birthdays.  I mean, really how long has it been since you tasted the sweet sweet nectar that is a Flaming Dr. Pepper?  This re-creation is like visiting the Gettysburg battlegrounds - you know SOMETHING happened there, but all the evidence is long gone.

Well, let's give it a shot.  Meet for a nice college meal at Plucker's - 22nd and Rio Grande at 6:15.  Ride will depart at 7:00pm.  Then we will visit the last remaining 'legacy' bar on 6th Street - Shakespeare’s.  From there we'll visit the 'north legacy' - Nasty's.  Finally, we will hang out with the frat boys at Cain & Ables.


See you there.  Party on, Wayne.


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