Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WAR XXXIII - Biketoberfest

It's that time of year, kids. Lace up your liderhosen, hide your Schnitzel and come out for a bike ride.

This week we will celebrate the great German tradition of drinking copious amounts of beer. Why? Because beer is good, dammit.

Before any of you get snappy, yes Octoberfest is technically over. It's the 16 days leading up to the first Sunday in October. But as US Americans, we have a hard time reconciling that with with the actual inclusion of the word 'October'. Plus, you can say it's over....but was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell No!

The ride - Wednesday - 10/7

Meet: Flying Saucer - 815 W 47th St (The Triangle)
Time: Brats at the 6:15p Depart 7:15p (feed yourself or eat with the family at the Flying Saucer before the ride)

Destinations: Flying Saucer, Scholtz Beer Garten, Draught House

Bring: Bike lights, friends

Attire: German casual. Liderhosen if you got 'em. Women are encouraged to look like the above picture.

Be prepared for a barrage of German Music and stop starting at my wienerschnitzel.



Anonymous said...

Exactly what was the date that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I knew we should have paid more for you education! And, how do you "stop starting at my wienerschnitzel"?
M & d
PS If you get any girls dressed like the picture, d will be there.

Anonymous said...

I think it was around 1978 during the filming of Animal House.


Dave said...

I realized on Wednesday that some of you weren't around in 1978 when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. You can check out this clip and see how it was done.