Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WAR XXXV - Knight Rider

So this weekend marks my least favorite of all holidays. The dreaded 'Fall Back'. I think we should officially change from Daylight Savings Time to Daylight Wasting Time. It sucks.

But, hey...we can bitch and moan about it (and we will) or like a Norwegian Death Metal Band, we can embrace the darkness. So, bust out your headlamps, handlebar lights and change out the batteries in your blinky, because this week we ride in the night.

And as a shout out to the original Knight Rider, let's get drunk and eat cheeseburgers, too.

This week's ride will feature the darkest bars in Austin. The Cloak Room, The Hole in the Wall and Nasty's. But them together and you MIGHT have one window. Embrace the darkness.

Meet: Five Guys Burgers at 6:15pm (32nd and Guadalupe). Ride will depart promptly at 7pm.

Bring: Lots of lights and a friend.


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