Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Presents!

Local WAR Rider/Blacksmith/Artist Wendy has generously offered to help all of you last minute Christmas shoppers by bringing her latest creation:


Wendy has designed and created these awesome belt buckles, which allow you to to feature the two things you love best (bikes and beer) right above your junk.

Yep. Her genius and beautiful creations feature bike chains, cogs and gears and often feature a handy beer opener as well. So, bring some cash with you. She charges a very reasonable $45 for these hand crafted creations. Buy them for your family and friends and wrap up your Christmas shopping while sipping a cold one.

Check out some of the sweet creations below.

Chain 2.jpg Cog Buckle.jpg Cog Opener1.jpg Cog 1.JPG

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