Monday, March 23, 2009

WAR - XIX - Exodus of the Hipster

I hope everyone got out to enjoy the great weather and catch a few SXSW shows this weekend.  A lot of us discovered new and interesting places to drink free beer all weekend.  I think I injured my liver.

The Hipsters were out in full force last week, and nearly took over the town.  Fortunately, I heard a truck load of PBR bound for Austin overturned in Waco and left many without their 'ironic substanance'.  They were left to depart for higher grounds....mainly Williamsburg, I think.

So, put away your trucker's hat and throwback sunglasses until next year and let's celebrate a few spots than weren't SXSW venues, but make Austin the place that us locals enjoy year round.

Pretty unique to Austin - let's meet up for dinner and a beer at a cool patio location...of a grocery store.  Meet at Central Market (38th and Lamar) at 6:30 - 3/25.  You can grab some delicious food and a cold one.  We willl depart at 7pm.

We'll check out the Crown, pay Mr. Potatohead a visit and finish up and a bar that strives to be a parking lot - the Draught House.

Bring your helmet, lock and friends.  Hipsters forbidden!

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