Sunday, March 8, 2009

WAR XVIII - Put a little Irish in ya'

WAR XVIII is scheduled for MONDAY, 3/16.  So, we are close enough to St. Patrick's Day to officially saulte the Irish.

Although St. Paddy's Day is a great holiday, it's kinda weird when you think about it.  It is the only holiday I can think of that celebrates by sterotype.  We celebrate Irish heritage by wearing green and getting loaded.  Weirder still - the Irish embrace it.

Hey, if they don't mind, neither do I.  Let's honor the Lepurchans with an Irish Pub Crawl.  We'll hit Austin's finer 'really , it's NOT Bennigan's' style pubs.  Expect to visit BD Reileys, Bull McCabes, Fado and Mother Egans.

If you want some Irish eats before the ride, meet at Fado (214 W. 4th) at 6:15p.  Ride starts promptly at 7:00p.  Wear green.  Ladies, feel free to show your shamrocks and kiss me - I'm Irish.
I'll buy a beer for the first person to down an Irish Car Bomb.

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