Monday, February 23, 2009

WAR XVII - Texas Independance Day

WAR XVII is upon us, as is my favorite National Holiday: Texas Independence Day.

On March 2 each year, we celebrate our state's independence; the signing of the declaration, the drawing of the line in the sand.  We remember San Jacinto. We remember the Alamo.  But most of all, we celebrate our Texas Pride.

We're the biggest state in the union.  No, Alaska doesn't count - if you melted the ice, we'd be bigger.  As Texans we're proud of everything in our state - our food, our beer, our football, our size, our flag, our music.  But, mostly we proud of our pride.  And we're proud of that pride too!

The Capitol is the only state capitol building taller than the U.S. Capitol.  We're the only state that can legally fly our flag at the same height as the US Flag.  That, my friend, is pride.

So, let's be proud, and proud of our pride and visit a few classic "Texas Bars".  What better way to start out than eating a bowl of the State Food of Texas - Chili.  We'll then make our way around the city, visiting Scholtz's Beer Garten and Donn's Depot as well as a few Texas landmarks.

Meet at TCP (Texas Chili Parlor - 14th & Lavaca) at 6:30pm, this Wednesday - 2/25 for dinner.  Ride will begin at 7:15 sharp, so be there early if you want a bowl of red.

Bring lights, lock, helmet and friends.  Drinking at least one Lone Star will be mandatory.  Oh, and Don't Mess With Texas.

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Anonymous said...

The Texas state flag, like any other state flag, is covered under the US Flag code and is limited (just like all the rest) to fly at no more than the same level as the national flag ( The Texas state capitol building is, in fact, the third tallest state capital building. Louisiana's is 450 feet tall, Illinois' is 361 feet tall, while the one in Austin is 308 feet tall. Where pride and fact intersect we should all yield to fact.