Monday, July 13, 2009

WAR XXVII - Tour De France

If you have not been watching the Tour de France this year, you have really missed out. We are one week into the three week event and it's been riveting.

Austin's favorite rider (aside from me), Lance Armstrong is back after a 4 year retirement to attempt to reclaim the crown.

It's a tall order, because, (and I know most of you will hate to hear this) at 37, Lance is OLD.

But, Lance is made out of approximately 54% awesome and 46% goddamn! He is seconds off the lead and is looking like he has the form to take home his EIGHTH yellow jersey. So, let's salute the Tour and raise a glass to our boy, Lance this week.

Pretend you are French and meet at Le Cafe Crepe (2nd and San Jac) at 6:30pm. Ride leaves at 7:15. We will have a photo op at the Eiffel Tower then hit Little Woodrow's North for a cold one. We will continue our international journey and hit the Dog & Duck and end up at Lance's own bar - Six Lounge.

Bring lights ,a lock and a friend. And for Pete's sake, wear a helmet....Lance does.

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