Monday, July 27, 2009

WAR XXVIII - Ghost Town

Just a few more weeks before your daily commute turns sour. Yep, although UT football returns soon, so do the students, school and traffic.

40,000 co-eds are about to descend on Austin like so many hipsters during SWSX. They'll stand in line ahead of you and steal that last cold Lone Star. They'll crowd the doorway of the bars insisting that it is their ID and it just got run through the washer like nine times.

Yep, let's face it - the cheap watering holes are only ours for a few more weeks. So, let's take advantage of the current 'College Bar Ghost Town' and find the cheap brews while we can.

Meet at Posse East (2900 Duval) at 6pm or so for a burger and a cold one. Ride will depart at 7:15 sharp. We'll hit The Library ($1 beer night!), Cuatro's and end up next door to where we started, at the Crown & Anchor. If you don't know where the C&A is, you probably did not know me in the late 90's.

Bring a bike, lock, lights, helmet and a friend.

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