Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WAR XXIX - Two Words

Okay, WAR 29. That is a lot of planning. While this might not be my most creative idea to date, it is an idea.

Most of our recent rides have been in or around downtown, so we are going to move up to Central Austin this ride. And, the theme of the ride is....drumroll....two words. Yep, everywhere we are going is named with no more, or fewer than two words. Now before you start with me, smart ass, 'the' is not a word, it's an article. Saying 'the' is a word is like saying Texas A&M is an accredited university. While it might exist in a similar plane, it ain't the real thing.

So, let's meet at Santa Rita (see? two words) for some Mexican grub at 6pm. 1206 W 38th St.

We ride at 7pm sharp!

We will hit Spider House, Flying Saucer and Draught House.

Bring lights, a lock and a friend. Don't forget to wear your brain bucket.

...oh, if you don't like the idea, let me know. I have two very special words for you....

1 comment:

Heather said...

Hey, I showed up a quarter til 7, no one was there. :( Went on my own ride anyway. The rain made the weather perfect!