Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WAR 51 - Psychedelic Tex-Mex

This weeks WAR Ride will be centered around Psychedelic Tex-Mex. That's a pretty specific topic, you say. We are basing a whole ride around THAT, you say. Well, to you I say, shut up and get your own damn ride.

Hell yes we can do a whole ride around Psychedelic Tex-Mex. It's Tornado Season - so get out of your 'fraidy-hole (that is actually what they call the shelters in Oklahoma) and come to Zilker to see the famed Texas Tornadoes.

Yep. Augie, Flaco and Sahm (Jr.) will be rocking Zilker with their LSD fueled Accordions. After that if you have not had your fill...there is MORE Psychedelic Tex-Mex to be had: La Tampiquena is playing Scholtz's.

Both shows are free. Both will be great.

Meet: 6/16 6pm - Pluckers - 22nd and Rio Grande. We will leave at 7pm (for real this time)
The Tornadoes go on at Zilker at 7:30pm. There is food available at Zilker, but, sadly no beer. We will leave when either we are tired of the show or the DTs begin to set in. Then we will hit Scholtz and end up at the Local (formerly Woodys formerly The Showdown)

Bring a light, a lock, a friend and wear your freshly pressed Guyabera.


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