Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WAR L - Pride

A man's worth can't be measured by their money
I know rich men that can't stand on their own
What keeps a joe from lookin for a handout
Well, that's somethin he's born with in his bones
That's Pride; they can't take it; That's Pride
--- Dale Watson

50 Rides and the WAR keeps on going. I'm damn proud. Hell we have a lot to be proud of.

To quote the great Dale Watson again:
"I'm American, I'm a husband, and I'm a Daddy. I love real country music, I love Texas and I love my mama - and it's gonna be that way until my dying day, cause I got pride."

Most recently, I'm proud the WAR will continue even after "the man" tried to bring us down. You can beat us, you can ticket us, you can throw us in jail - but you can't take away our pride. Even though the State Troopers fucked us over, I'm still proud to be from Texas.

"By God we're so darn proud to be from Texas - yahoo!
Even of our pride we're proud and we're proud of that pride, too
Our pride about our home state is the proudest pride indeed
And we're proud to be Americans, until we can secede!"
--- The Austin Lounge Lizards

So, let's get together this week and show our pride. To boot, (as Crowder has informed me numerous times), it's Pride Week.

To celebrate:
PRIDE in our 50th ride: We will visit at the oldest bar in Austin - Scholtz - where, by the way, Dale Watson himself will be playing.

PRIDE that the WAR goes on...we are going to say "Hi" to a few State Troopers by riding peacefully through the Capitol - twice.

PRIDE our town has such damn good beer..The Gingerman

And of course, we'll pay tribute to PRIDE Week at Charlie's.

Meet - Wed, 6/2: 6pm - Texas Chili Parlor. Ride leaves at 7pm (for real this time)
Bring: A light, a lock, a friend and some bail money.

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