Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WAR 53 - North and South

The WAR has gotten away from our roots a bit lately - the riding of the bicycles. Weather, rain, music and the fucking Police have been cutting our rides short. So, this week my friends, we ride.

Well...okay, we will drink beer too.

This week we are going on a North/South ride. We will cross Lady Bird Lake at least twice. This night, we ride.

So get your pedals turnin'
Head out on the highway
We are looking for adventure
Or what ever comes our way

Meet: 7/14 Wed - 6pm
Trudy's Texas Star (30th)

We will hit Gibson, a new bar down South. I've never been. Then Woody's, then back north to Nasty's.

Bring a light, lock, bail money and a friend.

Also, first person to correctly identify the bastardized song lyric above gets to buy me a beer.


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Anonymous said...

"Born to be Wild" beyotch!