Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WAR 54 - Work on it

Ok, so the eternally changing location at 29th and Rio Grande has changed again. What was once HangTown/Pongos/Drungos/and now Jax. So, we are going to start there. By my calculations, which are never wrong, the place has about 8 months to be in business.

Since Jax reminded me of the old Jax's beer, we are going to make this a working mans ride. You can go Merle Haggard working man, or Geddy Lee working man - I don't care.

We will sip coldies at: Jax, The Iron Gate and the Hole in the Wall.

Meet Jax, 7/28, 6pm ride leaves at 7pm

Bring: Lights, Locks and Fellow Workers. Workers Unite! (ie, not Cliff)


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