Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WAR XLV - Family Tradition

Spending time with the family for the holidays?

Have you forgotten about your extended-extended family?

Yes, the ones with the mullets. With the 'Palin 2012' bumper-stickers. The family no one really speaks of. Yeah, it is time to hang with that family.

So, let's meet up with your Uncle Billy, your old Aunt Ginny and that creepy Uncle Nasty. Yeah, the one with the panel van.

Let's meet at Uncle Billy's on Barton Springs for dinner and beers. Since no one is really working, let's try to make this ride somewhat punctual.

Meet at 6pm for dinner. Ride leaves at 7. For reals.

We will hit Ginny's Little Longhorn and Nasty's, most likely.

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