Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WAR LXXIII - Easter Egg

<--Having a beer with my peeps.

Well, this weekend is Easter, where we honor the resurrection of our savior by gorging on chocolate and hiding eggs. Also, I like to microwave peeps.

I also like to drink beer. And ride bikes.

So, in honor of Easter, I've created a non-secular ride this week.

We will start off at Cuatro's. Because four of the disciples spoke Spanish. I don't know. They have good tacos and cold beer. Work with me peeps. (Or you get the microwave)

Next, we will we head to Abel's, partly because his brother killed him, and partly because they have a decent beer selection.

Finally, we will resurrect poor, dead Abel, when we head to Cain & Abel's to enjoy a happier time of brotherly love. You know...before the stabbing. (Although, he DID tell him not to touch his fucking Legos)

Meet: Wed, 4/20 6pm Cuatro's (24th+San Gabriel) Ride departs at 7pm (SHARP!)

The peeps on the street are saying that the fearless leader might actually show this week.

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