Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WAR LXXIV - Choose your own advernture!

So, it turns out that The Fearless Leader and The Little General will be in southwest Texas tonight on a fishing trip. But, Uncle Charlton (everyone's favorite "touchy" Uncle) has volunteered to lead the WAR. The ride must go on.

So, I leave it to you, gentle rider. Where will you ride tonight? Where will you drink? So many decisions. It is up to you...choose your own adventure.

If you want to go to Shoal Creek turn to page 72
If you want to go to The Crown & Anchor turn to page 61

Decisions, decisions......

Planning is ride isn't easy is it?

Here, I'll help out.

Meet at Uncle Billy's Brew n Que on Barton Springs.
Get there at 6pm, have some dinner, and join in the Brewery Tour (which features free beer at the end).
Ride leaves at 7pm on the dot.

Bring a light, lock and your decision making helmet.

MEET: 5/4 - Uncle Billy's 6pm Dinner, 7pm Depart.

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