Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WAR XIV - Changes

2009.  New Year.  New President.  New Resolutions.  Lots of changes.  So rather than slipping back into the normalcy of fearing change, we are going to embrace it.

As the man said, "Turn and face the strange."  He also told me take my protein pills and put my helmet on, but that is a different ride.


We'll start the ride at Drungo's Ice House at 29th and Guadalupe.  If you have lived in Austin or went to school here, you know this place as HangTown, Pongo's, etc. etc. etc.  I think this restaurant changes ownership monthly.  Meet there at 6:30 if you want food and/or snacks.  Ride starts promptly at 7:15.

 I can't trace time....Cedar Door.  This bar has moved three times.  Not the concept, the whole BAR, man.  You might remember it by the power plant, or if you are really old where the convention center is currently.  If you had a beer at the original location on 15th street, bring your Metamucil tabs.

Turn and face the strange....the Gingerman is leaving.  Those fucking condos again.  They took Waterloo Brewing next door and now they are taking the Gingerman.  It's not all bad news the G-Man found a new location close by.   They will be moving very soon, so this could be your last chance to grab a $7 beer at the original location.

Time may change me....Little Woodrow's is the next stop.  And no, you HAVEN'T been there, jackass.  Remember the Showdown?  No? - Remember throwing up in that bar on the drag?  Yeah, THAT was the Showdown.  Sadly, it is no longer there.  However, Little Woodrows is - forever to be known as 'the other Little Woodrows'.  As an added benefit, you can still puke there.

Ride is short, under 10 miles.  Bring a front and rear light and a lock.  It should warm up tomorrow, but don't get cold - dress for the weather.

Change - Yes we can!

See you there, bring a friend.


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