Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WAR XV - Animals

This week's WAR ride will be a salute, or shout-out, as the kids say these days to our furry friends.  No, not me, it's NOT back hair - it's extremely upper chest hair.  I'm talking our LITTLE furry friends - the animals.

I love animals, they are delicious.  So, this week, let's eat a few and wash them down with a cold beer.  It is chilly, so wear something made of your favorite animal (in this weather my fave is goose).

Our ride will feature three animal themed bars.

Meet at Spider House (2908 Fruth St) at 6:30 for a dinner.  We will head out at 7:15.

Next is the Dog & Duck, followed by the Hole in the Wall. (you know, where the rats and mice with me)

Dress warm...bring a friend.  And wear your animal print undies!  

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