Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WAR - XXV - Gay Bars

As a salute to the recent Gay Pride week and the recent influx of latent homosexuals in chaps (ROT Rally), we are going to salute the gay bars of Austin.

Plus, Crowder has been asking for this theme for a while.

So, put on your assless chaps, practice your Y.M.C.A and join us on this ride.

We will meet at Iron Works BBQ at 6:15 for some of Austin's best 'Q. (Red River & 1st)

Then, in the imortal words of Freddy Mercury you will 'get on your bikes and ride'. Wheels down promptly at 7pm. We will start off at the Rainbow Cattle Company then move on to Charlie's. After a requisite tour of the Capitol, we will hit Oilcan Harry's. Finally, we will end up right by our starting spot at Chain Drive (don't feed the bears).

Bring a light, lock and a friend. See you there.

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