Monday, June 22, 2009

WAR XXVI - One Year's Old!

Well, holy's been a year of WAR. We've logged about 300 miles on our bicycles visiting some of Austin's finer (and not so fine) bars. That means we have collectively logged over 2500 miles on the WAR. We saved the environment from some serious CO2 and most importantly helped out in quelling Austin's growing beer population. You should feel proud of yourselves.

...And what better reward than more of the same? Treat yourself to a cold one on Wednesday, 7/1. The theme to this week will be "The Best of WAR." If you plan on coming (and you should), email me your favorite place the ride has been, along with three songs you'd like to hear. I'll tally the votes and take it from there.

If you have not been on a WAR, shame on you - you are missing out. If you've found yourself saying, "well, there is always next year"'s here, so get your fat-ass off the couch and on your bike.

To be continued......

Okay - the votes are in! The overwhealming favorite was Mean Eyed Cat, followed by a new location - The Shangri'la. Thed for third place was 'air conditioning' and 'swimming'. So, we will make it happen.

Meet at Wahoos for dinner 5th&Rio Grande. Dinner at 6:15. We roll at 7pm.

First we will hit a new spot - Abel's on the Lake (by Hula Hut) for a cold one and a dip in Lake Austin - so bring you swimmin' suit. Next we will hit the Mean Eyed Cat, followed by the Shangri'la, we will end up where we started at Dirty Bill's.

I'll load up the jukebox, you bring a lock and a light.

See you there! The Map

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WAR - XXV - Gay Bars

As a salute to the recent Gay Pride week and the recent influx of latent homosexuals in chaps (ROT Rally), we are going to salute the gay bars of Austin.

Plus, Crowder has been asking for this theme for a while.

So, put on your assless chaps, practice your Y.M.C.A and join us on this ride.

We will meet at Iron Works BBQ at 6:15 for some of Austin's best 'Q. (Red River & 1st)

Then, in the imortal words of Freddy Mercury you will 'get on your bikes and ride'. Wheels down promptly at 7pm. We will start off at the Rainbow Cattle Company then move on to Charlie's. After a requisite tour of the Capitol, we will hit Oilcan Harry's. Finally, we will end up right by our starting spot at Chain Drive (don't feed the bears).

Bring a light, lock and a friend. See you there.

Monday, June 15, 2009

WAR - The Other Urban Assualt Ride

It's here....the other Urban Assault Ride. Our good friends at New Belgium Brewery, who have the same passions as we do - bikes and beers - are hosting the glorious Urban Assault Race on 6/28 here in Austin.

This is a must attend event. I've done it for two years now and it is a blast. Part adventure race, part scavenger hunt, all silliness with free beer at the end.

Team up with another WAR rider to take on this challenge. It's a hell of a lot of fun. Expect to ride a big wheel, just like when you were 4 years old and way more badass than you are now. You might also ride a clown bike, joust and swim. The only thing I can assure you is you will have a great time and end up with a nice Sunday afternoon buzz.

Register here. Wear good costumes. Wear sunscreen. Tell them I sent you (free swag for referrals) -

Ride on! Mat.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WAR XXIV - Bachleor Party!

Well, against all odds and many wagers, I'm getting married.  I leave Thursday morning for OKC to get hitched on Saturday.  And if I've done my math correctly, that leaves me one more ride as a single man.

So, come out Wednesday for a ride - bachelor party style.  We will visit some of my favorite places in Austin.  I know this ride is a bit self-serving, but if you don't like it, plan your own damn ride.

Every day as a Senior at the great University of Texas, I would walk home from class and have a jalapeno cheeseburger and a Shiner Bock at the Crown & Anchor.  Only cost me $5.  It's a little more expensive these days, but the beer is still cold and the fries are still hot.  So, let's meet at Crown at 6:15pm for a beer and a cold one.

We will then take a tour around campus for old times sake and then visit the Flying Saucer for a craft beer.

Then we are on to Billy's to lounge on the deck and finally to my favorite bar - The Draught Horse.  I know, technically now it is the House, but I'm nostalgic.

See you on Wednesday.  Bring lights, a lock and a friend.  Next time you see me, I'll be wearing a ring (provided Christina shows).