Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WAR 56 - Are you Ready for some Football?

I can feel it in the air tonight. Oh Lord.

It's here. Finally. The 100+ degree temperatures have ushered in Football Season. Hell yes.

I've waited for this moment for all of my life. Oh Lord.

UT opens up on 9/4 this year versus Rice, on their way to what appears to be the final Big 12 Championship game. Bring it.

Oh Lord.


It is time for the annual Football Ride. We will salute some of Austin's finer sports bars. More importantly, we will salute the Horns by riding around the stadium blaring The Eyes of Texas - from our bicycles. Yeah. Feel it in the air. Are YOU ready for some football?

Meet: Crown & Anchor 9/25, 6pm. Ride leaves at 7pm Sharp!!!
Bring: It.
Wear: Orange.
Be: Loud.
Rock: The Casbah.


Please note: The included lyrics do not condone Phil Collin's watching of a guy drowning a guy.


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Regina Kubelka said...

Thanks again, Mat, for another AWESOME wednesday night ride!!! I wanna see the group shot in front of the stadium!