Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WAR II - Swimmin' Holes

Ladies and Gents and Sean,

The 2nd Bi-Monthly Wednesday Assault Ride (WAR) is on! Most of you missed the inaugural WAR ride, but it did end with a message on my work voicemail that said ‘my ass hurts and it is all your fault’. That was fun to explain to the secretary.

Every other Wednesday there will be an Urban Assault on Austin via bicycle, We will have different routes each week, and explore the city on two wheels. Often times, we get thirsty, so there are planned pit stops. Basically, we are talking a pub crawl in spandex.

This week’s ride will focus on officially surrendering to the heat. Don’t worry about watering your dead lawn or slathering even more sunscreen on the kids. Just get on your bike and ride. This is a ‘no-drop’ ride, meaning we go as fast as slowest rider, so everyone can come along. Routes are in the 12mile range – not hard.

Required: Bike (most any kind will do), helmet, beer money or credit card

Recommended: Bike light, lock, bell

Special gear required this week: Hawaiian shirt, $10 cash and clothes you can get wet / swim suit (tiny bikini for the ladiezzz)

Time: Wed, July 2 Wheels down at 6:30p (we LEAVE at 6:30)

Where: Mat’s house – 808 Ethel

I’m guessing we will finish at around 9-930p, depending on pit stops. You can always bail out early.

Pedal on……

The Map

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