Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WAR III - Rooftops

W.A.R. Part III – Sniper Fire!

Ok. This time, I promise no insane hills. Seriously. I promise.

The Wednesday Assault Ride will make it’s third appearance on 7/16. This week, prepare for a tour around the city with a theme of “Up on the Roof” (insert The Drifters into the background). We will have a nice ride, with a few visits to some lovely Austin Rooftop bars where we will drink beer and look down our nose at those dirty car drivers. (Thumbing your nose is optional) The ride will finish with a view of the (almost) full moon from an undisclosed secret rooftop top location.

Meeting points:

Manly Men – Mat’s House – Wheels Down @ 6:30pm (Est. Distance 15-18mi)

Girly Men – S.R.V. Statue on Town Lake @ 7:00pm (Est. Distance 10-12mi) – Park at Threadgills, RunTex, Etc.

Return time will be about 9:30pm

Required: Bike (most any kind will do), helmet, Rear Light, beer money

Recommended: Lock, bell

Special Equipment: None

The Map

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