Thursday, September 4, 2008

WAR VII - Margaritas

Ride Time: Wed, 9/10, 7:15pm

On September 16, 1810, Manuel Hildalgo rang the bells of his town church calling everyone to fight for Mexico's independence from Spain.  10 years (or one long Spanish siesta) later, Mexico stood alone.

We USAmericans celebrate our independence by blowing shit up.  However, the Mexicans have a much more refined celebration tool - Tequila!

So, this week's W.A.R. will celebrate diez y seis (a bit early) with a salute to the Margarita!  We will take off on our bikes and declare our very own independence from work and cars in search of a few of Austin's finer Margaritas!

Planned stops are Trudy's, Opal Divines and the first East Side location on the W.A.R. - El Chile!
As usual, our ride will likely include a few additional locations central to the theme.  

The Plan: Ride starts at Crown & Anchor.  We roll at 7:15pm SHARP!  If you want a pre-ride Dos Equis, chug and pay up by wheels down.
Ride ends at Trudy's Texas Star at 9:30-10:00pm.  Distance: 8-10miles.  Please wear a helmet and bring a rear bike light.

Special attire for this ride:  Guyaberas!


If you want a bit longer ride, I'll be departing from my (new) house - 5612 Shoalwood by 6:30pm and getting in 10+ additional miles.  I'll be towing the tunes, so it won't be fast!

The Map.  See you there, bring a friend.  Via con Dios!


Also, this new Blog allows you to post comments, so if you have suggestions etc, post them!

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